Uno Sales and Services

At UNO Bicycle Studio, the number one service offered is Bicycle Sales. As UNO Bicycle Studio's only employee, with 25 years experience in the Cycling Industry, I will provide you with unmatched customer service and knowledge, all in a one on one setting. This ensures you, the customer, a one on one experience so that you are given 100 percent attention. Imagine, working with a shop where you get to deal with the owner/mechanic/salesperson every time you come in? Well... welcome to UNO Bicycle Studio!

This translates to a clear and concise communication between the customer and UNO Bicycle Studio. Bike shops seem only to be getting bigger and bigger and more and more crowded. Sometimes, this may not translate to the best customer experience for that individual.

At UNO Bicycle Studio, we eliminate the crowds so that you may have a "controlled" shopping experience and get all of your questions and concerns addressed one on one.

The word UNO: means "One" and we take that seriously.

Uno Service

At UNO Bicycle Studio, Your new bike will be assembled professionally and thoroughly before delivery. With a purchase of a Bicycle at UNO Bicycle Studio, your bike will come with 3 Months of free service and also derailleur adjustments for one year from the time of purchase. This ensures that you bike is well "loved" and will be maintained to keep it running smoothly as long as you own it.

Uno Bike Fitting

Here at UNO Bicycle Studio, We offer 3 types of fitting. Again, all fits are done by appointment only.

Custom Bike Fit:

This is done when purchasing a Custom bicycle at UNO Bicycle Studio. Done by appointment only, here the Client's questions and specifics are answered. Items covered in the Custom Bike Fit are as follows:

▪ Rider history and goals
▪ Current bike data (if applicable)
▪ Body measurements
▪ Model selection
▪ Component selection
▪ Paint selection (if applicable)***
▪ Bicycle delivery and Q and A session

*** Upon completion of A-F there will be a follow up with the client to confirm the design and paint scheme (if painted) as well as any changes made before the frame is put into production.

Existing Bike Fit: $100

Do you currently have a bike that you are on that is not quite as comfy as you'd like? UNO Bicycle Studio can help. Fitting you on your existing bike consists of the following:

▪ Rider history and goals
▪ Address current concerns on bike
▪ Body measurements recorded
▪ Introduce solutions to improve fit
▪ Discuss components and cost to improve fit
▪ Install any components purchased and begin to be more comfortable on your bicycle!***

*** Usually completed after parts are installed and or ordered.

Pedal/Cleat Fit: $75

Pedals and shoes are two of the most important purchases you can make for your bicycle and for yourself. If cleats are not located on the right spot on your feet it can lead to foot pain and a pedaling position that is not at its most efficient. UNO Bicycle Studio uses FIT KIT'S R.A.D. system to position the cleats in the most optimal position on the cyclist's shoe allowing for the rider's natural gait to come into play here. Translation: More comfortable, more efficient pedaling! Call UNO for an appointment today!

***Also offered is a combo of the Existing Bike Fit and Pedal/Cleat Fit for $135