Uno's Favorite Bike Links

Sycip Bikes (See-Sip)

Moots Cycles

Yeti Cycles

Ibis Cycles

Mavic Wheels- UNO Bicycle Studio's top choice for bicycle wheels and cycling shoes! You know Mavic's history...if you don't, you have been living under a rock! Check all their great stuff out and check in with UNO for the latest Mavic happenings!

Giro- UNO Bicycle Studio's top choice for Cycling protection! The industry's leader in cycling helmets for years. Always imitated and never duplicted! Just ask Lance! UNO is proud to be a GIRO dealer! Come on on over and check out the latest from GIRO y'all!

Light and Motion- UNO Bicycles Studio exclusive light company! Light & Motion is celebrating 20 years of pioneering state-of-the-art-lighting systems! Lights for the Commuter, Hardcore Mountain/24 hour racing, or Adventurer, LIGHT & MOTION has a light for you from the VEGA series, to the sweet, sweet, STELLA series, to the top-o'-the -line SECA series, you cannot go wrong! A "green" business located in Monterey, CA. right on Cannery row! UNO Bicycle Studio is a proud partner with the best lights in the world...LIGHT & MOTION!

Cyclocross Magazine- UNO Bicycle Studio is a HUGE fan of Cyclocross, and there is no better publication for this fantastic sport! Read, drool, support!!! A daily comic about a man and his bike shop... The Kickstand Cyclery! A fun read and a great site to support. Fun stuff!!! Whether you live in Tucson, or are visiting, this is a great site to stay in the loop on all the latest cycling events and rides in the Tucson area!!!!

Uno's Favorite Links
UNO Bicycle Studio loves bikes, but we also like other things too! Here are some cool links that are not necessarily bike related. Enjoy.

JROD Art - This is just nice stuff here. Super cool paintings by Jarrod Eastman! UNO loves art such as Jarrod's paintings. Of course it helps that Jarrod features bikes in some of his paintings! Check it out and buy his art!

You Got Mojo - Found metal you can wear! Pretty much says it all! Really cool jewlery made with love by Pyper Hugos. There is some really great pieces you can buy your "honey", "main squeeze", "better half", or whatever you want to call your significant other! The nice thing about this stuff, is that is truly different and not of the main stream. Have fun, get some stuff from YOU GOT MOJO!

Mogwai - UNO BicycleStudio's Favorite band on the face of the earth. There's MOGWAI, and then there is everyone else.

Tara Mcpherson - Great Artist, Fun Stuff, Uno's favorite!

Chris Milliman - Uno Bicycle Studio's favorite photographer. As a matter of fact, UNO thinks he is the best photographer of cycling...period. Go check out his site and his blog and enjoy visual bliss. Way to go Chris!!!

Wildwood Guitars - The finest guitar store in the land! - Drooling is free!

Justin Hampton - Awesome poster art! - Rock on!

Sports Optical - UNO's only choice for performance, stylish eyeware and cool shades!

PJ Harvey - UNO's favorite musician of all time!

Macana Studio - Graphic Artist and Muy Bueno paintings and Art! Go Pedro!