Moots Bicycles

Started way back in 1981, MOOTS began hand-building high-performance bicycle frames in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 30 Years later, MOOTS is building every frame by hand, one at a time. Throughout those 30 years, MOOTS has refined their craft to say the least. Technology has evolved and so have their bikes!

MOOTS really isn't looking for the "latest trend" or to jump on the latest material bandwagon. What MOOTS does is make is Titanium bicycle frames that are unmatched in quality and technology. MOOTS only makes Titanium bicycle frames. They take one material and put all their focus there to make the finest frames in the world.

Speaking of materials, UNO Bicycle Studio believes that all frame materials, be it Steel, Carbon, Aluminum or Titanium serve a valuable purpose in the bike industry. However, UNO Bicycle Studio feels that Titanium really is the ultimate/best material for a bike. Sure you can "cave in" to all the in your face marketing and use another trendy material but Titanium is the best riding, most reliable, strongest material available. IT WILL OUTLAST ANYTHING ELSE, PERIOD.

MOOTS can make you a Road, Mountain, Cross, or custom bike of your dreams. These are bikes truly built by hand and certainly not in some far off factory overseas. These beautiful frames are built in the U.S.A. just for you! Every MOOTS frame has signature characteristics that uniquely define it as a MOOTS. Whether it's the precision miters you don't see, the beautiful and STRONG welds you do see, or the classic MOOTS satin finish, no detail is overlooked on your bike. Focusing on the details is what MOOTS does to provide you a wonderful bike to ride, enjoy for years, call, "you're baby", show off, and be proud to own.

UNO Bicycle Studio, prides itself on selling bikes that are not boring (i.e. a big company with their name plastered all over the damn thing!), that are different, and yea...say look at me, " I am unique...and much cooler than your mass produced bike!" : ) UNO Bicycle Studio is very proud to fly the MOOTS flag and be Tucson's exclusive dealer. C'mon in and check out a MOOTS today! You won't be sorry.

Sycip Designs (see-sip)

What is cooler than the Bay Area? Answer: Two brothers from the Bay Area who make really cool bikes!

Over 15 years ago the brothers Sycip started providing bicycles for San Francisco bike messengers, World Class racers and for the average Joe's and Jane's alike. Handcrafted bicycles are their game. Don't want to ride what everyone else is riding? Sycip is your answer. Jeremy Sycip is a true visionary, and can get you the dream bike you have always wanted.

Sycip has mastered custom bike building in more ways than one. Choose from Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon, and combos of Aluminum/Carbon and Steel/Carbon. Road, Mountain, Cross, Fixie, Commuter? Yes, all done at Sycip! Dare to be different and Sycip won't let you down!

UNO Bicycle Studio is proud dealer of the Sycip bicycles.

Yeti Cycles

Established in 1985 before mountain biking was even considered an industry in Agoura Hills, California, Yeti Cycles was born. Obviously, mountain biking quickly grew and high level racing took place. Yeti, was certainly there from the beginning and soon had a huge cult following as one of the premier high end brands around the country.

To say that Yeti has a "rich" tradition in mountain bike racing is a major understatement. They were there at the beginning with such mountain bike legends flying the Yeti colors. Names such as, John Tomac, Julie Furtado, Myles Rockwell, Missy Giove, Marla Streb, Nathan Rennie, Tara Llanes, Jill Kintner, and of course, Jared Graves.

Tested and raced by the best riders in the world... IS Yeti's history. Now located in beautiful Golden, Colorado, Yeti remains the Industry leader in high end mountain bikes, so imagine what they can do for your experience as a mountain bike rider. The best thing I can tell you about Yeti is the folks that work there. Two words that come to mind...Passionate and Dedicated to their craft. Oh, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I have sold Yeti Cycles for years, and the stuff just keeps getting better and better every year! Many high end brands have come and gone but Yeti has always been there killin' it and takin' names! Whether you are the serious weekend warrior, or budding future World Champ, trust me...Yeti is the obvious choice.

UNO Bicycle Studio is very proud (and Stoked!) to be a Yeti dealer! Come in and check one out! Just keep the drooling to a minimum!

Ibis Cycles

IBIS was founded way back in 1981 by Scot Nicol. (He is also known as Chuck Ibis and that's a whole other story...). A one man show, Scot started IBIS in a funky little workshop in Medocino, California. The short of it, is that someone saw the first bike and asked Scot, "can you build me one." Scot said yes and the rest is history.

For well over twenty years, IBIS has been making some of the world's most innovative bikes. The best way I can describe IBIS is a company who does not pull any punches when it comes to design and quality craftsmanship. The bikes just look cool and like nothing else out there. IBIS can make you a very happy camper whether you want to ride a Mountain, Road, or Cross bike. All of their models have received great press and ride like a dream. It does not hurt that IBIS has won MTBR's, Mountain Bike Of The Year, two years in a row and Outside magazines top honor as well!

Also a small company, IBIS's folks are just plain great to deal with, whether your talking bikes or baseball (Thanks, Tom.)!! IBIS would be the first to tell you that the bikes speak for themselves and isn't that what it is all about? IBIS's offerings are something that is easy to choose from because you cannot make a bad decision in the model you choose. Here is an easy equation: Choose your IBIS + Buy it+ Ride it = BLISS.

UNO Bicycle Studio is a proud partner with IBIS CYCLES. Come in and grab your BLISS today!!!

Surly Bikes

SURLY Bikes: Remember when you were in school and you met some dude or dudette who was not only book smart, but artistic, a taste rebellious, liked the coolest music, was good looking and everyone liked and if they didn't know them, wanted to? Well that would be Surly in the bike industry!

What to say about a company that...hell...likes to have fun and makes , GREAT, SOLID, BIKES. Surly is not worried about making the most expensive, most exotic bikes. What SURLY does do is make, smart, well thought out bikes that get the job done on all sorts of surfaces from dirt, pavement, sand and snow. Mountain, Road, Tour, Commute, Adventure, Bar Hop? Surly has a bike to get you going.

These bikes not only kick some serious butt, but they are priced SO well and are built to last! From the legendary, Karate Monkey, to the beast known as the Pugsley, Surly has a bike in their line up that will work for you and your tastes. The crew at Surly are great folks too and put that fun loving, rebellious, punk rock, Einstein aura into every bike they design and that tranfers into fun for you! UNO Bicycle Studio is a very proud regular stocking dealer of Surly bikes! Come in and ride out with a Surly now!

Van Dessel Sports

A very cool, hip, and quality brand hailing from Mendham, New Jersey. The nice thing about Van Dessel is they are a small company. UNO Bicycle Studio loves small companies. A bike company you can call and an actual person will answer! How refreshing!

Van Dessel may be small, but the dedication to making super cool and quality bikes is their bench mark. Offering bikes that not only ride great and look cool, but offering something truly unique and different. Offering bikes for Road, Mountain, Cross, TRI, and just Cruising around/Commuting, Van Dessel has a bike you can be proud to ride everyday!

Who wants to ride what everyone else is riding? Quite frankly, it's boring and trust me, there are a lot of smaller companies that do every bit as good a job as the big companies do. So venture out, ride a Van Dessel, ride quality, and best of all don't be afraid to be different. Van Dessel is that company, and an UNO favorite. Please do come in and Ride Inspired. You'll be glad you did.

UNO Bicycle Studio is an elated dealer of one of the hippest bike companies in the industry...Van Dessel!

Salsa Cycles

"Ride & Smile", A simple, yet thought provoking slogan form one of the coolest bike companies in the world. If riding does NOT make you smile, well... you're in the wrong place! A company that is dedicated to making fantastic bikes for just about anyone. Hailing from Bloomington, MN. (that's near Minneapolis for you geographically challenged), Salsa has a bike for you.

Mountain 26er and 29er? Cross? Commuter? Single Speed? Fixie Hipster? Yep. Salsa has got you covered. Superior quality and price points for all of you budding, to Jedi like cyclists out there. Oh, did I mention Salsa is also the fine purveyors of all sorts of sweet components, itching to be put on your bike?

Be an individual, and ride something different. Show your friends that bike companies DO NOT need to be big to make great stuff, just dedicated to their craft and yeah... making you smile when you ride it. UNO Bicycle Studio is very proud to carry the wonderful offerings from Salsa Cycles!

Vassago Cycles

29ers are an integral part of the Mountain Bike community, heck, some might say they are the ONLY part! With that said, Vassago is a passionate company when it comes to the art of the 29er. First off, Vassago is a "big wheel" company only.

With every bike company jumping in on the 29er bandwagon, Vassago has been producing them since they started. They don't mess with 26er's, dual suspension, or the latest gimmick. What do they do? Well, they make kick ass hardtails, geared or singlespeed, and one heck of a cool "cross" bike on steroids!

These bikes have geometry that makes sense, and offer frames made mainly with good ol' steel! The nicest thing about these frames is that they are affordable and quality all at the same time! With model names like, The Jabberwocky, The Fisticuff, and The Bandersnatch, how can you go wrong?

Here at UNO Bicycle Studio, we are super psyched to be the Exclusive Vassago Dealer in Tucson!!! Vassago is a product the Studio believes in, and so should you! You will not find a better 29er out there for the money...period. UNO Bicycle Studio is elated to bring Vassago to you and your bicycling adventures!!! Stop in and check out these friendly little demons today!!!

All City Cycles

"Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the equipment and culture of urban cycling. This is not a cash in, this is not a fad, this is our life, our love, our community and our dream. We are a company of riders making products for other riders. We share a lifelong passion for the machines, the people who ride them, and the positive changes both can effect in this world."

Pretty self explanatory from a company who might be small but passionate about contributing to urban cycling. Fixed gear culture is a wave that will not wash out, pick a country and it exists. To UNO it is about riding...truely riding, having fun, that bikes are the best way to get around, riding a bike can be artistic and a way to express one's self, and to flat out in terms of bikes...KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Jeff Frane and the folks that make up All City, I believe, share that opinion. If you are looking for a fun, hip, single speed urban warrior, and parts to go with, look no further that All City!