Welcome to UNO Bicycle Studio

Just what is it that you do at UNO Bicycle Studio?

Uno Bicycle Studio, We Sell Bikes... high end ones! Road, Mountain, Fixed, Commuter. We sell with Jedi-like precision and always in a friendly, professional manner. So if you are looking for a sweet, sweet ride from a premier brand and definitely not a big box brand (that we incidentally find boring as hell), we are Tucson's premier high end bike destination.

We Service Bikes. Again we are a high end shop that services nice stuff. If you have an old bike, lower end, we just don't do that here. Sorry. We will be happy to find you a shop who would service it and we'll even call them for you! If you already have your high end rig and need it serviced, we are your destination to keep your dream bike rolling along with over 20 years of experience. Are you a Campagnolo fan? A SRAM fan? A Shimano fan? Well, here at UNO Bicycle Studio, we like them all and service them all too!

We Fit Bikes. The word "fit" has become a word flung around the bicycle industry very loosely over the years. Customer: "Do you fit bikes?" Bike Shop: "Yea, we "fit" bikes." I have heard this, a lot, and there are some shops that truly do bicycle fitting with accredited, and educated, experienced staff. Then there are... well... the others who say they do fitting but truly have no clue to what they are doing. At UNO Bicycle Studio, we ARE the accredited, educated, and experienced, bicycle fitting destination in Arizona, with over fifteen years of bicycle fitting experience. If you are looking to be fitted for a custom bike, or just need to get more comfortable/efficient on your current bike or perhaps you need to get your pedals/cleats dialed in? Look no further. Comfortable rider = happy/efficient rider!

That, in a nutshell, sums up what is done at UNO Bicycle Studio. The bottom line is UNO Bicycle Studio is a destination. A place where you can purchase a fabulous bike by brands that aren't just in it for a buck, and don't have their name plastered all over the bike 20 times over! Brands that are quality, unique and often imitated, but never duplicated. You are treated like a friend first and customer next, and of course this all done professionally and with a smile to boot. Please do come in and see for yourself... you'll be glad you did. Remember, please DO SUPPORT your local business, and if you wind up not shopping at UNO Bicycle Studio, please keep it local! Stay away from the internet shops. Thanks.

The word UNO: means "One" and we take that seriously.

Tucson's coolest and closest shop to Fantasy Island and Saguaro East!